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Sandra Sookoo

Fighting for independence goes beyond an infant nation, but love might just conquer all.

Captain Caleb Haslet has come home to Portsmouth, Rhode Island after two years at sea chasing pirates and keeping British ships from the fledgling American nation. He wants nothing more than to settle into domestic life and finally claim the new bride duty had forced him to leave behind.

Though she now has her own life doing charity work, providing prisoners with basic creature comforts, Abigail Haslet is both excited and anxious that Caleb thinks to take up where they left off. But, how can she give her heart to a man who’ll leave again when duty calls?

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Caleb no longer wants a marriage of convenience. When plying Abigail with kisses and spending time with her fails, he decides to take advantage of his wife’s stint behind bars to make her see the truth -- he’s in love with her.


Read an excerpt from Winning His Wife

Visit Sandra Soookoo's web site


About Sandra Sookoo

Sandra is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi, and paranormal romances in full-length books as well as shorts and novellas. No matter if the heat level is spicy or sweet, she loves to blend genres and oftentimes will add humor to the mix.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and engaging characters, Sandra likes to read, bake, taste new teas, watch The Big Bang Theory as well as Finding Bigfoot and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World: it’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. When she’s not writing, she’s keeping things interesting at her Believing is Seeing blog or spending time with her husband, who patiently answers questions she has about men, sci-fi-related subjects, and the odd “what if”.

Sandra loves to hear from her readers. You can write to her at sandrasookoo (at) yahoo.com, visit her website at www.sandrasookoo.com, or look her up on Facebook and Twitter. All links are provided on the front page of her website.



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An Interview with the Sandra Sookoo
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Sandra, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Winning His Wife and features a man wishing to reconnect with the bride he had to leave behind. Where did you get the idea for this emotionally-charged story?

SS: Thanks for having me on the blog today. The idea came about for a sub call from my publisher for a marriage of convenience story. I thought what a better way than to show that than have an estranged husband and wife, and yes, it is a very emotionally-charged tale. But that’s what makes it relatable.

HH: What do you like best about Abigail and why will readers empathize with her?

SS: Abigail is independent and strong-willed. She has to be. The time she’s living in is just before America is plunged full-fledged into war with England prior to 1776. Her husband left her for the sea just after their wedding two years prior, and she’s had to learn to survive with English soldiers underfoot. She never gives into worry or fear. I think every woman could take a page from her book. I know I can.

HH: What do you like best about Caleb and why will readers love him?

SS: Oh, well Caleb’s a ship captain and knows what’s what, but though he loves his country, he wants to love his wife, and wishes she’d accept him. He never gives up while trying to win back his wife, always has hope she’ll come around. I think readers will root for him and hope he gets his HEA. He’s the kind of guy everyone wishes they had.

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing this story and what do you think readers will take away from it?

SS: I loved doing the research for this time period. I have always wanted to write during the American Revolution, and just now had the time to do it. It’s fascinating and some of the research was appalling regarding the war and prisoners. There’s a certain charm about life at this time, and the spirit of adventure and hope for a better life just begs to have a story written.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SS: Well, this spring readers can look forward to To Love a Sea Rogue, which is a paperback collection of my pirate stories. Also, Coming Up Daffy will release in April which is the second sweet romance in my Francesville series from Astraea Press. And sometime during the spring, the second book in my Redemption Cove ménage series, A Perfect Arrangement, will come out through Purple Sword Publication. Remember to stay current on my releases by visiting my website.

HH: How does 2013 promise to be different from 2012 for you?

SS: For one thing, I’m putting out more titles through my own indie imprint. There’s a lot of freedom in self-publishing. Also, I’ve decided to stick to a few of my favorite publishers this year. Life shouldn’t be about worrying about sales numbers and stressing about them. With these publishers, I’m allowed to have fun without constantly feeling like a bottom line figure. And lastly, in 2013, I’m concentrating on following the joy. I’m writing for fun this year, not for obligation.

HH: Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

SS: Everywhere! In music, books, movies, paintings, people watching, food, etc. Everything is an inspiration and anything can inspire me to write.

HH: What's your writing schedule like?

SS: LOL Hectic? I usually get up when my husband does and while he’s getting ready for work, I make the rounds of social media, email, etc. Once he’s out the door, I start on my workload. The mornings are usually for any freelance editing projects I have, or if I’m on deadline, I write until lunch (unless there are errands), eat lunch then the afternoons are for writing. Every so often I get to take the weekend off. But that’s the breaks of being a small business owner -- and writing is definitely a business.

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

SS: I love interacting with folks on Facebook or even Twitter. I also like chatting with readers on my blog.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

SS: Um, everything? LOL I more than met my most of my goals in 2012 so I’m looking forward to meeting my goals this year. There are a couple of projects I can’t wait to finish for the back half of this year -- two funny contemporary books as well as a handful of novellas/novels having a wedding theme. What’s not to love?

HH: Thank you!


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