Midnight For Morgana

Shirley Martin
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 “What would happen next? Her heart pounded so hard; surely he could hear it.

“Morgana,” he whispered. He eased her closer to him, his touch light and gentle.

His hand skimmed over her body from her breast to her thigh, cupping her buttocks, drawing her ever closer. Tentatively, she touched his chest with its light matting of hair, her fingers straying to his muscular arm, wondering whether he considered her too bold or too shy. Above all, she regretted that she’d had no one to tell her what to expect on this momentous night of her life.

“You don’t need this.” He eased her shift up her legs while she raised herself and pulled the garment over her head, tossing the linen, where it fell in a heap on the floor. Her heart pounded faster, faster, drumbeats thudding against her ribs. He feathered kisses on her cheek and neck, his breath warm against her skin, his fingers roaming her body. His lips met hers, kissing her lightly at first, drawing her closer, closer…

Despite her doubts and fears, she found herself responding to him as a surge of warmth spread throughout her body, lodging in her most feminine essence. His fingers on her breast, cupping, kneading, the touch of his hand on her thigh and buttocks, helped her forget her qualms, forget everything but the thrill of wanting him, a feeling so new, so unexpected, so welcome! Lost in the here and now, in the kaleidoscope of new sensations and a passion that surprised her, she returned kiss for kiss, touch for touch, yearning, needing to give and receive pleasure. “

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