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NEW! June 17, 2011 Please read carefully. We've made two changes to our review process.

1. Authors, if your book is on Net Galley, TRS is there. Please read through our review conditions first. Then look for the special form we've created just so you can let our reviewers know about it. (Please don't submit also using our regular form because that creates unneeded records in our database and takes away time we could be posting reviews.)

2. On our standard review submission form, we're asking for more information on submitted books. This is information specifically requested by our reviewers so they can make their selections. Thank you for your help with this!

About TRS Reviews...

Reviews at TRS are written by staff reviewers only. Reviewer positions at TRS are volunteer positions. Experience is not mandatory but a love of reading is. We accept only reviewers who are willing to review ebooks - 75% of our review submissions are currently in electronic format (HTML, PDF, word, text, rtf, etc.). We are very interested in those with a preference for erotic romance as we have heavy submissions in that subgenre. All reviewers must be at least 18 years of age. We recruit new reviewers each spring. Please watch this page for information on the next recruiting cycle.

Reviews submitted to TRS by staff reviewers cannot be copyrighted by another agency. TRS will post only reviews of work submitted directly to us by the author, publisher, or designated agent. Reviewers agree upon submission of each review of work submitted to TRS that it will appear exclusively at TRS for a period of 60 days.

Reviews will appear at TRS on our reviews page: and will also be posted to all of our Yahoo lists upon completion. The submitting agent will be notified by email upon completion of the review.

Permission is granted to the author, publisher or designated agent to use TRS reviews of their submitted work either in it's entirety or by use of a "snippet" so long as the reviewer and TRS are referenced. Edited versions of TRS reviews of the submitted work are not acceptable unless approved by the reviewer and TRS.

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