Kim Alan
Available from Torquere Press
May 2013

Kyle is trying to find his way since losing the one person he needs in his life. He's having a hard time moving on. Finding himself stranded on Valentine's Day, he walks into a bar and meets Beau. He's lonely too and seeing Kyle reminds him of things he'd like to forget. Maybe both of their needs will be met before the night is over.

I really enjoyed this sexy short story so much that I read it twice. It's clever, extremely well written and surprisingly romantic. Kyle is simply floundering without his dominant partner. He's struggling to figure out why he's no longer with the man he loves, especially on Valentines Day. Beau is dealing with his own issues but all isn't as it seems. I liked the characterization, thought it was very strong. All the characters interacted well and the story flowed smoothly. I liked Law as a secondary character, he definitely has a story to tell. As far as the BDSM aspect it's relatively mild as it's more a mind thing as opposed to physical restraints. The sexual moment is hot and sweet. The author pens a very nice and appropriate ending to a book I highly recommend.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
May 11, 2013

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