Their Last Worthless Evening

E A Reynolds
Paranormal romance
Available from Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 978-1-62241-730-8
October 2012

Devon Oaklyn is resigned to marrying the woman chosen by his mother. That is until Carter Cross, a man from his past, intrudes upon his future. Carter wants Devon badly but he's still closeted so the relationship stalls. When Devon realizes he just might lose the best thing in his life, he drafts a plan to win back Carter's heart forever.

This is one of those stories about timeless love and past connections with lots of psychic energy to confuse the mix. Believe me when I say I was a little confused. The beginning started out okay and held my interest for a bit. As the story continued, it broke down for me. It starts to flashback between the past and present in a way that left me riding without a seat belt. I should have enjoyed the ride but I knew something was not quite right for me to fully enjoy.

The main characters are okay and the basic story you'll probably find interesting. I just got lost in all the psychic stuff that just didn't appeal to me. There's a lot going on so being attentive is key to understanding and enjoying what the author is trying to convey. Other than that it's definitely a sexy love story with a heavy paranormal influence. The characters are the core of the story and they drive it to the inevitable conclusion. Although this story is one I wasn't overly fond of, some might enjoy the quirkiness.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
October 23, 2012

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