Trio of Discontent

Linda Lattimer
Romantic suspense
Available from Wings Press
ISBN: 1-5975-050-4
August 2006

Vincent Lemond is on a mission for revenge. He has set his plan in motion to get back at the two people who broke his heart -- the woman he loved, Monique, and his best friend, Colby. If Colby hadn't butted into his business, he and Monique would now be married. Now, he has some unfinished business with them. A year after their breakup, he has planned a trip for them to Boulder City to visit him, but it will not be a relaxing one as he has several surprises for them.

When Colby and Monique receive the package from Vincent, they are both shocked. Monique doesn't want to make this trip, as she believes Vincent is up to something, but Colby convinces her that maybe Vincent has changed and truly wants to make up with them. Monique is terrified at the thought of seeing Vincent again. Once her true love, he broke her heart and caused her to nearly lose her mind.

Linda Lattimer has written a suspenseful story of love, sex, misunderstanding and revenge. I have to say through a majority of this story I really disliked Vincent, but kept hoping he would see how wrong he was before it was too late. The characters, Vincent, Colby, Monique and even Jeff were so well written and believable. I found myself drawn into this story and unable to break free until the very last page. With Monique’s inner struggle to find her one true love and her journey to discover her heritage, throw in a someone out for revenge, a depressed friend, a very hot new guy and a helpful spirit and this story has it all. I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a great suspenseful love story which demonstrates most anything can be forgiven when love is involved.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Sandra
October 10, 2007

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