Three Degrees of Heat

Stephani Hecht, Jackie Nacht, VJ Summers
Paranormal romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-508-7
April 2013

This is an M/M anthology of Shape-shifter foxes. Each of the three stories is about one of three Ashe brothers; Axe, Ben and Chase.

The first story is "Setting Him Free" by VJ Summers. Here is where we get to read about the madness of the Leash Alpha. Now, I read a lot of shape-shifter stories, wolves, cats, birds, bears...and I had no idea really what was meant by leash. It turns out that a 'Leash' is the equivalent to a grouping. So when they say the Leash it is like saying the 'Pack'. Well, it seems Alpha Joe has gone mad and most of the leash just let him do whatever he wanted. So Joe is torturing the Leash Omega, Scott, in front of everyone, almost killing him. This is when brothers Axe and Ben come in, horrified and determined to stop the torture. Axe rescues Scott while Ben challenges the psychotic alpha. The rest of Ms. Summer's story is rough (emotionally) as we learn more about the torture, rape and starvation of the poor Omega. He's obviously afraid, having great nightmares and just wondering if he'll ever be safe again. Axe knows Scott is his mate and is doing all he can to help Scott at the very least begin his healing.

The second story is "Omega Lost" by Stephani Hecht. This is new Alpha Benjamin's story. Now, Ben had not been expecting to ever be alpha, but now that he is he's trying to move the Leash towards healing as well. He has an unexpected visitor who arrives at his doorstep. His guest is Foster, his brother Chase's roommate at college. It turns out Foster's Leash is getting ready to remove him, meaning hunt and kill him, from the Leash. They say he isn't a good Gamma. Well that's all fine and well except he isn't a Gamma, he's an Omega, so Ben knows Foster’s alpha is just playing games. He also knows Foster is his mate, but it will take a little time to relax him and even get him to believe he's an Omega.

The last story is "Chasing Landon" by Jackie Nacht. This story is about the youngest brother Chase and his best friend Landon who is the crazy Alpha Joe's son. Landon and Scott were both tortured in Joe's basement for some time. Joe even managed to brand Landon so his fur wouldn't return. The reason Chase returns from college is because Foster contacted him basically saying Landon wouldn't survive without him. It's fascinating to see how the three brothers are when they are together, you know, the usual bickering and one or more of them thinking by being jerks they are protecting another brother. Oy.

All in all, this is a good anthology. While the descriptions of the tortures, attacks and just the former alpha are dramatic and upsetting, Ms. Summers, Ms. Hecht and Ms. Nacht do a brilliant job of not only showing us how the healing has begun but in tying them all together cohesively. I did cry, laugh and end up holding myself through these stories. What a thrilling read!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
April 24, 2013

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