Terran Realm Vol. 1

Keira Ramsey, Bonnie Dee, Jeanne Barrack, Rae Morgan
Sci-fi romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978193176114
October 2012

Terran Realm Vol. 1 is a compilation of six full-length novels. The Terrans are a race that long ago split from humans. They were charged with protecting the Earth. The Keepers wield powers from their respective elements(Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit). Protectors are the Keeper's guardians. Together they must face the Destroyers. Redemption tells the story of Warder Brenna Kennedy and jaded Terran Donovan Callahan. Measure of a Man brings us Ian and Mira and a race for a box that the Destroyers want. Fruits of Betrayal explores loyalty and duty as Elyse and Justin learn more of the Destroyer's ultimate plans. The legend and magic of Ireland is the setting for A Shimmering Flame. Brigid and her husband Gabe travel to the ancient island and must face a dangerous Destroyer, as well as a figure from Brigid's past. A Perfect Symmetry continues the saga and the evolving relationship between Gabe, Brigid and Ethan. And finally, Earth Awakened is the final showdown with Destroyer Algernon Brody and his plan to rule the world.

The Terran Realm is a wondrous and fascinating world, so like ours but so different. The familiar is reconfigured in a quintessential good versus evil epic battle. There are six full length novels in this collection. In many ways I'm glad I didn't start this story when it first came out. These are the kind books that are hard to put down and almost impossible to forget. I'm thrilled that I was able to read all six without waiting for each new installment to come out. The world building is lush and detailed. The first book, Redemption is set in the near past and is the perfect jump start for the series. It set the bar high with its people, passion, voice and plot. The books that follow (Measure of a Man (my personal favorite), Fruits of Betrayal, The Shimmering Flame, A Perfect Symmetry and Earth Awakened) more than meet that bar. The characters come alive on the pages of all six books. They are real, complex and, sometimes, flawed. They stumble. They doubt. They give their all. There's stunning sensuality woven throughout each story. The love scenes are intensely erotic and blend into the plot but don't overshadow it. I loved the mythic feeling of these books. The scenes set in Ireland are particularly haunting. Heart-stopping action and life and death moments add to an already exciting set of stories. I can't believe I missed these the first time around but I'm so happy I've had the opportunity enjoy this collection. Four talented authors, six awesome stories and one epic tale about the survival of Earth, I highly recommend this incredible volume.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Susan P.
January 12, 2005

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