Rosanna Leo
Fantasy romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781931761246
January 2013

The story begins with a Greek mythology primer about the god Apollo. You all remember him don't you? Son of Zeus and Leto, younger brother to Artemis, the Sun god, the healing god... oh you get it. Early on our boy Apollo didn't have very good luck with mortal women. Half the time these women were cheating on him or were just plain using him to get stuff. Forward to present day Mexico, at the Helios Resort. Enter Patience O'Connor arriving with her friends Doris Nemec and Angie Lang. Patience blogs about travel, specifically for a woman's point of view. First of all, what I didn't understand about Patience is how she allowed her two friends to talk her into wearing stilettos to fly to Mexico. It's because of those shoes, she's been stumbling, she's uncomfortable and really, she's just a bit disgruntled. I think this woman needs a vacation. Check in is where they meet Apollo. He’s the owner/manager of the resort, but he tends to do odd jobs like tend bar.

Since I mentioned Apollo didn’t have any real luck with human women, now is the time to mention one of his gifts or powers is prophesy. He had a difficult time of it during Ancient times, mostly because if the prophesy was about someone he cared for he couldn’t see the whole thing. However, Patience did touch him even though he was actively trying to avoid it, and lo and behold! She is the vision he’s been seeing for some time. Apparently she has a demon trying to kill her. Oh joy. Well, for reasons he’s not even sure of, Apollo is determined to keep Patience safe. I must say, the description of this resort sounds great and makes me want to go! Alright. We have three ladies from New York who apparently flew in on the same plane as two Frenchmen. Between her friends, the Frenchmen, the demon and Apollo, things are really cooking!

Ms. Leo wrote us a wonderful and fantastical tale! If it hadn’t been released here during winter I would tell you this is a perfect, summer beach read! Even though the demon was continually trying to kill our girl, he certainly had his moments of brevity. Doris and Angie were everything a good friend should be, except for the whole stiletto thing, Artemis and the eight muses who were basically like cheerleaders were great. I have to admit, my very favorite non-hero or heroine moment came from one of our Frenchman, Gilles. That moment made me laugh hard enough to scare the cat resting on my lap. I have to say, this is the second book I've read recently that had Apollo involved. Of course, they are two different books, different authors, different publishers and different genres. Since I'm not reviewing the other book, I will say that Ms. Leo¬†wrote a story where I just couldn't put it down! Just so you know how I feel about this, you can't really go wrong with Apollo! Especially if it’s Ms. Leo writing him!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
April 15, 2013

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