Song of the Annunaki

Lorraine Kennedy
Fantasy romance
Available from New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-957-9
September 2006

Samura Priestly is assigned to the case investigating the strange disappearance of some children. The truth is something that Samura has difficulty believing. She would never have dreamed that the disappearances would have something to do with aliens but it is in her dreams that the truth is revealed. In her dreams she meets Thian of the tribe of Enlils. He becomes her lover and her enemy as she learns the plans of the Enlil. The people of Earth, the Adamu have been judged too violent to be allowed to continue. The fate of the residents of Earth rests on Samura’s shoulders as she and Thian take action to save them.

Song of the Annunaki is a fascinating science fiction fantasy filled with edge of the seat thrills and suspense. The fate of the Earth rests on the shoulders of one lone woman. The character of Samura is an average woman that must stand against a much larger and powerful enemy. Readers will be amazed by this character as she faces her fears to do what she must. At times she will even question her own sanity. She is a character that readers will easily become attached to through the sharing of experiences and emotions.

The attraction between Thian and Samura is electrifying. It is the desire for what is forbidden. The pull of desire between the two characters is too strong to fight against. They each know that they should not even want to be together but sometimes the body has a mind of its own. Readers will delight in how the two try to fight against their desire only to find themselves ensnared in something more long lasting. This story teaches the pleasure that comes in loving ones enemy.

Readers that enjoy science fiction fantasy will be fascinated by this story as it discusses alien abductions. The story is easy to visualize as the exciting action is described. Many things that have been rumored to be associated with alien abduction finds explanation in this story making it feel as though it is actually happening. The amazing imagination and wonderful creativity of Lorraine Kennedy brings the story to life for the readers and allows them to experience the thrills found in the Song of the Annunaki.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Anita
April 10, 2007

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