Agency Of Extraordinary Mates: Snow Blind

Aubrey Ross
Paranormal erotic romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 1-59596-290-4
December 2005

Dezmon and Sekarrah are having a passionate but forbidden affair. Dezmon is Elite (high society) and the premier instructor at the Royal Academy. He is willing to defy his family to choose Sekarrah as his mate but she refuses. Sekarrah wants to make something better of her life than her social status has allowed and gets her opportunity when she is accepted into the Academy. Sekarrah wants to continue their secret affair during her five year training, but Dezmon has been selected as her mentor and will be in charge of her training. The risk of discovery is too high and would ruin both their reputations. Dezmon understands and respects Sekarrah's decision to go through the training and lets her go without a fight.

Fast forward seven years. Sekarrah has risen to the rank of Security Chief of the Royal Guard to Prince Lyell and is in charge of coordinating the security for a New Year's Eve party. After the party, Dezmon (with a little royal intervention) manages to gain access to Sekarrah's room and introduces her to Snow Blind, a sexy drinking game. Is this game the key to reigniting their passion?

This story is chock full of emotional depth and hot, steamy sex. I loved that the main characters have such strong personalities but have a definite weakness for each other. I also loved how Dezmon was willing to compromise with Sekarrah for their future together and didn't make her give up her dreams so that they could be together. This is my first Aubrey Ross story but definitely not the last.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Yesy Mazzulla
January 29, 2006

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