Smoldering Nights

Lisa Carlisle
Paranormal romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41994-017-0
August 2012

Nike is used to battling fires, but she can't seem to douse the fire that has developed between Michel and herself. The attraction is too strong to deny, and neither of them feel the need to fight it. Will she still feel the same when she learns the truth about him or will she simply walk away? Will an enemy emerge victorious and destroy them?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. I liked Nike not only is she a firefighter which makes her hero material, but she is also strong, intelligent and is super confident. I also liked that she did not think he was crazy or a liar when he told her the truth about his past and what he really is. There is nothing that I didn't like about Michel. He was not only gorgeous, but he was protective, and always sweet towards Nike. What started as lust soon blossomed into deeper feelings between them. The only person I disliked was Michel's nemesis he was relentless in trying to hurt them both. He couldn't let the past go his hate for Michel consumed him. The love scenes between Michel and Nike are hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Janie Esparza
October 10, 2012

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