Spaceport: Security

Shelby Morgen
Fantasy erotic romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-874-6
December 2007

Kala is a commander charged with security at Adana, a spaceport that is facing an increasing amount of incoming miscreants and criminals. The genetically enhanced battle 'borg fears that she and her crew will never totally get the port under control despite her endless efforts to do just that. She's run down and can't remember taking off any personal time when challenged by the concern of one of her human subordinates. While she won't agree to taking any time off for a vacation, she promises to get herself laid.

Captain Jack Dancer is a pirate who's a little more than what he appears. He just wants to smuggle his wares into Adana with no incident and see about acquiring some cheap female company and drink. Experience has made him wary of women outside of the kind he can pay for sexual favors. Women are fragile and expensive.

Before he can really settle in at the port, he realizes he's being followed and he doesn't like it. Until he sees the culprit is a very strong, beautiful commander who isn't after him for being a rum runner. She wants him and he's more than happy to oblige this female who is anything but fragile.

Spaceport: Security was a surprising gem of a read. The author sets the stage for what will be a multi-author series vividly but in a remarkably short amount of time. Everything about this sizzling sci-fi tale, from the world's language to the frank sexual scenes, hits just the right note. The characterization and dialogue were strong. The plot was simple but effective. With all of the information incorporated about this world, in a clever way that doesn't take the reader out of the story, a complex story would have been too much. There are a lot of wild creatures in this world and the sex is wild too, so be prepared. This is a highly enjoyable tale by an author who clearly knows what she's doing and this reviewer is anxious to see more from both her and the Spaceport series.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Cameron Foster
February 4, 2008

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