Savage Redemption

Alexis Morgan
Paranormal romance
Available from Harlequin Romance
ISBN: 9781459238428
August 2012

Conlan Shea was putting his life back together after a devastating betrayal. As head of security at Rafferty O'Day's compound, he's found a small measure of peace. But the sound of gunshots shatters that peace. He finds the woman who betrayed him injured and protecting two young girls. Kat has been on the run for the past three years. She's brought death to those around her. Now she must protect her orphaned nieces from the evil that has been stalking her. Rafferty is known for taking in strays and Kat hopes he will protect the girls. However, she finds herself at the mercy of the Chancellor she let go to prison in her stead when she ran. Her feelings for Conlan are still strong but so is her guilt. Despite his need for revenge, Conlan knows there's something not right about the case against Kat. He's determined to find the truth but it may just get them both killed.

Although this one could be read on its own, starting with Ms. Morgan's other Vampire stories will definitely make for a richer experience. We first met Conlan in Vampire Vengeance. He was an enigma and I so hoped he would get his own story. I was not disappointed. This is a nonstop, action-packed ride from the first gunshot to the last. The simmering attraction and heat between Conlan and Kat is all consuming. The suspense of the hunt is captivating and the plot unfolds at just the right pace. The sex is hot and, sometimes, raw with emotion. The tension builds and builds until the exciting conclusion.

This is one of those rare series that just keeps getting better and better. The author has a created a fascinating world and populated it with the most interesting characters. It's great to revisit old friends and meet new ones. There are a lot of vampire romances out there but this series is creative, sexy and fresh. I highly recommend beginning with first and reading your way to this terrific story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Susan P.
September 29, 2012

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