Rise of the King

Mandy M. Roth
Paranormal romance
Available from The Raven Books
ISBN: 9781625010117
November 2012

This is the fourth story in Mandy M. Roth's King of Prey series. I read Kabril and Rayna's story as part of an anthology from a different publisher years ago and loved it, and that story is where we first met Lazar, this book's hero.

This story begins with our hero, Lazar, dreaming of really hot sex with his mate. The problem is, his mate has been dead for many years. Sigh. Lazar is a falcon, but he lives amongst the Royal Hawks since he defended Rayna in the first story. Since the Hawks and the Falcons have been at war for many, many years the Hawks don't always trust Lazar. Because of these dreams he's been having of his mate, Sabrina, when he wakes up and knows she's passed all he does is go and have lots of sex with a variety of Hawk women. They all despise him, but he's good in bed so they have their time with him. One day he watches Gardelle leave toward one of the portals to Earth and decides to follow. Since Gardelle is one of the few Hawks who has been kind to him he follows. It turns out that Gardelle is the biological uncle of Sabrina who he saved many years before and has been raising her in secrecy.

Sabrina, or Brina, is just a touch on the... okay, she's not quite an air head but she has been having dreams for years of a man with wings. She also seems to sleep walk since she wants to go flying. It's one of these occasions where she practically falls into Lazar's arms. This, of course, causes great stress to Gardelle since she is his sweet, innocent niece and he knows Lazar is basically a man-whore. Oh, I mean bird-whore. Since Gardelle has never told Brina the truth about who she really is, and what's happening, she pretty much thinks she's lost her mind. Now, Lazar is actually the rightful King of the Falcons only his father and his half-brother have some kind of falcon madness disease which certainly made the father crazy and which makes his brother Latravis, the current Falcon King, constantly battle his madness. Now, Gardelle introduces Lazar as an old friend from, you know, somewhere else. Then, Brina's best friend Lisa shows up and all kinds of fun begins.

I have to say, the first half wasn't as fast-paced as the second, but Ms. Roth certainly provided quite a rollicking tale! Even if the beginning smexy time was all dream, there is quite a lot of thick tension, sexual and otherwise, in the story. I really liked Lisa even though at least once I wanted to get her to just shut her mouth. While Brina is very innocent and sees the good in all, she also goes out all the time with Lisa and even met Latravis at a night club. You can imagine all the alpha male, testosterone coming to the fore when Gardelle and Lazar found out. And yes, I still love when Rayna makes an appearance in one of the stories. I was on the edge of my seat for this one and I can't wait for the next from this series!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
May 21, 2013

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