Pleasure Trip

Trista Ann Michaels
Contemporary erotic romance
Available from Venus Press
ISBN: 1-59836-235-6
January 2006

Flight attendant Kayla is planning on a relaxing layover, nothing but beaches and Eye Candy of the male variety. Her best pal, Jordan, tries to get her to give in and admit she'd like to use the opportunity to have some fun with their sexy Captain, but Kayla has her rules and they don't include pilots. She doesn't realize that the sexy Captain overheard the conversation and has decided to turn their non-relationship into a true relationship. Our girl doesn't know what is heading in her directionů

Oh, was this good! The fire burning between the two needs no extra kindling--wow! Loved Jordan; what a fun character, and definitely an asset to the story. Loved the fact that both Kayla and Steve know, even faced with doubts, that the other is someone very special. Loved the fact that Kayla realizes when she needs to give in and face the fact that Steve isn't at all like her father and is man enough to admit he is in love with her.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Glenda K. Bauerle
May 3, 2006

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