Out of Sight Out of Mind

Evonne Wareham
Paranormal romance
Available from Choc Lit
ISBN: 978-1-906931-94-0
February 2013

Scientist Madison Alba is a very unique woman, one that can read minds. When she comes across a homeless man on her way home from a get together than she's been at, she can't help but offer him her assistance and invites him to go home with her. The man she takes home has no memory, except that perhaps his name is Jay. Together, he and Madison work at uncovering the secrets buried deep in his mind. Yet when they learn the truth how can they trust each other considering the danger that such secrets can lead to.

This story was full of twists and turns, which made for good suspense with a lot of paranormal elements added in. The plot was excellent, although inviting a stranger into one's home isn't the brightest idea even when one has strange connection to them. The dialogue had me anticipating at every chapter what would happen next as Madison worked hard to unravel the secrets locked in Jay's mind because I knew that once she figured out the truth they'd both be in danger. It was obvious someone had messed with Jay's mind and that he didn't get his amnesia through some accident. The sex scenes were hot and just right where they were in the story. What I liked so much about Madison was her ability to work under pressure to find the truth behind the mystery surrounding Jay. While with Jay, I liked that once they'd figured out what had happened to him that he did whatever it took to keep Madison safe.

Overall, this was a good story which I'm glad I got the chance to read. Well done, Ms. Wareham!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
June 13, 2013

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