Mercenary's Reward

Stephanie Snow
Sci-fi romance
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 9781611189001
July 2012

Meili's planet was taken by the War Tribe and her people scattered. She was a field doctor travelling with a few of the surviving soldiers when she discovered an injured alien in the rubble of a crash. She sees a way off her dying planet when saves his life. She will do whatever he demands. Jai has been betrayed by someone high up in the War Tribe military. After he regains consciousness, he finds that a native of this conquered planet has saved his life. He's drawn to the small woman in ways he doesn't understand. When she offers her submission to him, Jai cannot refuse. Sex among those in the War Tribe is often violent and one-sided. Meili is different and Jai is determined to keep her. Now all they have to do is survive.

This is the second in the War Tribe series but can easily be read on its own. For me, this one was a hit and miss. Part of the problem is that I so enjoyed the first story, Demon's Captive, that just I didn't feel this one quite measured up. I did like the storyline and Jai is a very interesting character. Like Melmanon in the first book, his experience with sex is violent and hurried. When shown a different way, Jai is more than intrigued. Meili isn't a terribly sympathetic or even likable character but I believe that was the author's intent. Both she and Jai grow as people throughout the story. The inability to communicate added to the intensity of Meili and Jai's encounters. The sex is steamy and the scenes are nicely written. The scene involving Jai and his friend Tarin is especially touching. There is also some good scifi world-building here and I hope there are more stories to come. I would love to see one for Tarin. I did find this an enjoyable read I do hope to see more from Ms. Snow.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Susan P.
September 24, 2012

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