Spell of Love: Lust Upon Roses

Alyssa Brooks
Paranormal erotic romance
Available from Loose-Id
ISBN: 1-59632-104-0
April 2005

From the moment Edmund rescues Grace Matthews from a drunk at the bar she is working at, the sexual tension between the two explodes. However, both have their reasons for avoiding their mutual lust. Grace can't imagine making a commitment to a man ever again after she lost the love of her life to a drunk driver. She's studying hard to become a paralegal so she can help put drunks behind bars, and has no time in her life for a man. However, Edmund can't get the feisty and luscious Grace from his mind. He knows he can't make a commitment to her due to the fact that he's immortal, but a few nights in bed together shouldn't hurt anybody right? He contacts the wizard who made him and his family immortal in order to get a love spell, but he doesn't hear the consequences of the spell as he is eager to get off the phone and back to the bar where Grace is.

When Edmund brings Grace six roses, she has no idea about the potent love potion that has been placed on them. All she feels is overwhelming lust for Edmund, lust that only he can fulfill. But what happens when the potion wears off and Grace realizes the truth of what Edmund has done to her? Is there anyway to make their relationship last despite its rocky beginning?

Once again, Alyssa Brooks creates an enchanting and erotic tale with a hero that is truly a sweetheart. Readers may be a bit put off by the way Edmund satisfies his lust with Grace, but don't fear, Edmund truly detests what he has done to a woman he comes to love deeply. He sees no way of rectifying the situation however, but because Grace is such a strong female character, she is able to come to terms with Edmund's deception. They are truly a wonderful pair and their bed exploits are very sensual and loving. This reviewer is eagerly looking forward to reading the other stories of Edmund's brothers to see how Ms. Brooks continue building upon the exciting paranormal elements laid down in this tale.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Sarah W
May 22, 2005

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