Love Magic

Ann Jacobs
Erotic romance
Available from Ellora's Cave

Two very different short stories about the magic of love. Illusions: World-renowned magician Drake Conover is as famous for his performances with women as his performances on the stage. But lately his heart has not into it and Drake decides to take a break from meaningless affairs. Against the advice of his agent he agrees to give a charity performance in his hometown of Pittsburgh before he begins his next European Tour. When he arrives in Pittsburgh, his plans for abstinence are ruined when he meets the incredible Erienne Duval, a volunteer PR specialist for the Pittsburgh Hospital.

Erienne Duval is actually an undercover CIA agent who has been assigned to discover whether Drake has been passing classified information to terrorists during his tours. Since her fiancé, Rob, was killed in a rifle assault Karachi, a year ago, Erienne has been determined to do whatever it takes to help win the war against terror. Even if she has to seduce the secrets out of Drake, Erienne is resolved to find the spy.

Commitment: Gaelen Reston has had what she feels is a perfect relationship with DC plastic surgeon Brent d’Angelo for five years. He is a fantasy lover while keeping out of her private space. Not believing in any type of commitment after watching her parents dysfunctional life and witnessing her sister disastrous marriage, all Gaelen wants is a lover with no strings.

Brent thought Gaelen’s arrangement was perfect five years ago but now he finds that he wants Gaelen more with everyday. He has started to grow tired of the restrictions and time limitations Gaelen imposes, only phone calls during the week and all their encounters must be on neutral ground. So when Gaelen agrees to go any where Brent wants for their two week anniversary vacation, Brent chooses his apartment. But can Brent convince Gaelen that he can provide all her fantasies and still be there for and with her all the time?

These are two extremely hot and steamy contemporary romances. The sexual chemistry between Erienne and Drake and Gaelen and Brent explodes off the pages in some very imaginative scenes. Illusions is a great short story and the characters relationship is developed believably in the short amount of time available. I especially enjoyed Commitment. By beginning the story with characters five years into their relationship, Ms. Jacob is really able to explore the emotions and dynamics between Gaelen and Brent. That true emotional connection helps make the incredible sex scenes about love and not just lust.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Larenda Twigg
September 9, 2003

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