The Last Man

Cheryl Dragon
Contemporary romance
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 9781613333839
September 2012

This is a series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines and heroes in this series either have friends who send them to, or hear about, Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service 1Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors. Keep in mind I have at least one hundred books in this series and have, or will, review seventeen of them. I obviously like the premise.

This story begins with the hero, Jeffery Ellison, arriving at the gate for his flight to Las Vegas. He and an attorney love interest are on a flight out from Atlanta to attend a conference... and have a date neither one has discussed. Our love interest, or heroine, is Monica Collins. Both Jeff and Monica are attorneys who practice family law with Monica focusing more on child support and Jeff focusing more on fathers getting visitation rights. Both of them are very dedicated to their work, feel it is very important. But they have sometimes been on separate sides of the battles. Also, Jeff has been in love with Monica since he first saw her and Monica has been fighting her attraction to him the entire time.

The two of them won a door prize at a charity event that just happened to be dates through Madame Eve's 1Night Stand. Monica only filled out the paper work hoping to actually have a one night stand with someone to break her out of her Jeff obsession. He did this so he could possibly get past the walls she has erected so he could maybe have a chance with her. At this point I feel it's important to tell you that Monica is African-American and Jeff is caucasian, and that it one of the reasons Monica has tried to stay away from Jeff. It's not because she has a problem with his color, she just has a few relatives who would give her intense grief if she dates someone significantly lighter.

Whew! Alright, now that I have said all of that I can tell you that Ms. Dragon has given us a very romantic tale. I loved how Jeff worked very hard to get past the barriers Monica put up and I loved how Monica was able to tear down some of the walls herself. I have purchased other Cheryl Dragon stories by several publishers, but it doesn't matter to me who publishes her story. I always look forward to reading them!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Susan P.
January 12, 2005

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