Lake Mead

Heather Mosko
Romantic suspense
Available from Oak Tree Press
ISBN: 978-1-892343-31-4
September 2008

After a traumatic incident in her past, single mother Maggie Granger turns her failing family farm into the successful Granger Bed and Breakfast. Jack Callahan’s father died in his arms at their neighboring vacation cottage and hasn’t been back since. Now Jack’s mother has died and he has to decide whether or not to sell the place. He and Maggie were “summer best friends” and things were leading to something better when his father died. Sixteen years later they find that they still have feelings for each other, but a body recovered from the lake opens up old wounds and scandals and may tear them apart again.

This is a book that you will start reading and not put down until the last page. The characters are so real that you will feel like you know them and the story is gripping. I was dying to know what had happened on prom night and had to force myself not to page forward. The rekindled romance between Jack and Maggie is very nicely done and the author lets the feelings grow again between the two of them without any unnecessary drama, she leaves that for the rest of the story. She builds the tension in the plot very well, giving the reader hints, but never giving away a pretty surprising ending. The climactic scenes are very exciting and the ending very satisfying.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet (Some violence)

Reviewer: Maura Frankman
October 24, 2008

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