Killing Lucas

Dominique Eastwick
Romantic suspense
Available from Musa Publishing
ISBN: 9781619374393
April 2013

This is the third book in the Sherman Family series. As I've mentioned before, I didn't read this series in order and began with the second story, Tony's Haven, which was excellent.

This story begins with Lucas Sherman cursing up a storm and throwing things around in his lab. You see, our boy Lucas had been engaged to a beautiful actress who he was completely in love with. They broke up due to that little moment when he walked in on her with another guy, but hey! It really was just a small, unimportant moment in his life. Anyway, he runs into his ex at a club and the next day all the tabloids have pictures of the two of them on the cover. He is so over it. Alright, his ex fiancé is Kiloran O'Connor, red head, Irish and just lovely. It turns out, yes, we've all heard the excuse before, that moment wasn't all it looked like. It turns out she's been stalked since before she even met Lucas, and now it was getting worse.

I learned a long time ago to never say 'it couldn't get any worse, could it' since it usually does get significantly worse. Apparently Lucas has also learned this. After his home is burned down and Kiloran comes forward saying it might be her stalker, the two of them are forced to be together in an attempt to bring this person down. Not only does Tony get involved so do Spencer, Trenton, brother in law Hunter and even FBI Agent Vassar! I will admit I didn't like Kiloran at first when I didn't know anything about what was really going on, but as I read more about what really happened I began to like her. She's actually stronger than she seems and seeing as she's been dealing with this for years she is good at putting up a show of strength.

Lucas just doesn't know what to do about this. He's still wildly attracted to Kiloran but doesn't want to really get back together with her as she killed his heart. She is still almost destroyed by the stress of this all and the fact she doesn't believe Lucas will ever forgive her. Now, with all the angst between the two we also have several attempts on lives, the entire Sherman Family support, a knife attack on one of the brothers, a sweet puppy named Fenway and an almost shocking twist at the end. It was chilling. Ms. Eastwick truly kept me on the edge of my seat for this one! You don't have to read this series in order, but I actually recommend it. As I said in my review of Hunting JC, I am a complete addict of Dominique Eastwick's writing. Her writing and stories are always excellent and she never lets me down!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
June 25, 2013

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