Kane's Mate

Hazel Gower
Paranormal romance
Available from Beach Walk Press
ISBN: 9781937325619
March 2013

Faith York is a human with psychic powers who has had to balance her life around both worlds. Luckily, growing up she has had the Wolfen's, a werewolf family who lived close help her, to understand and control her power. Even as a little girl, it has always been Kane Wolfen who has held her heart. Unfortunately, he doesn't see her as anything other than a pest. To mend her broken heart and start a new life, Faith leaves home and travels overseas. Two years later, she has returned home for a visit. What she never would have counted on was Kane kidnapping her from the party or marking her as his mate. Just when she was ready to settle down to a nice normal life, fate decides to complicate things just a little. Well, actually a whole bunch. Not only does she have a mate, she also has a half-brother who is half demon and to top it all off the demons are set on taking over the world and the head demon wants Faith by his side.

In Kane's Mate author Hazel Gower displays touches of her wickedly delightful sense of outrageous humor, captivating and entertaining her audience. The paranormal elements in the story enchant, the twists and turns are suspenseful and seductive and the interesting and well-rounded characters plain and simple just shine! Take time to savor the richly detailed plot because once you finish this story you will be clamoring for the next installment in this mesmerizing new series.

The characterization in this story is extremely well done. With the prologue, Ms. Gower takes the time to introduce a much younger Faith as well as how she met Kane and his family along with a glimpse into her psychic powers, crafting the characters in such a way as to convey their thoughts and actions in a manner that brings them to life. Readers will feel like they fall into the characters personalities, making each one feel like a friend or acquaintance. The emotions, heated sensuality and the warmth of love between Kane and Faith ignite the pages and create some deep sigh scenes. Faith is an impulsive, independent, kick-butt heroine who isn't afraid to fight for all that she holds dear. Alpha hero Kane is a character who is passionate, dominant and exasperating, a partner for Faith who you can just tell she could easily either want to bed one moment and smack the next. Warning, prepare to laugh at some of their sexy antics. Kane's family works perfectly to support the main characters as well as the action. They also reinforce the bond and feeling between Faith, Kane and all of his clan. The young kids add a nice touch to the story while making the reader wonder what's in store for them as well as the rest of the Wolfen family and the world and knowing Ms. Gower it will be something extra special!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
March 12, 2013

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