In the Zone

Sierra Cartwright
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-856-1
May 2012

When professional submissive Alani Dane is caught by Master Nathaniel yawning during a scene with one of the club's patrons, he takes it as an insult not only personally, but to the club also. As one of the club's owners, Master Nathaniel Stratton isn't going to let Alani's behavior go unpunished. Master Nathaniel vows that he will bend Alani to his will; she will become the perfect submissive, his submissive. But Alani isn't about to submit to any man as she is a masochist who desires the harsh punishment to achieve subspace and that is it. Submission to any man isn't an option.

Sierra Cartwright is a master at her craft. This author is known for creating complex, intriguing and unforgettable stories that stay with the reader long after the last word has been read. With In the Zone, she has fabulously done it again! The sexually-charged chemistry between Alani and Master Nathaniel is untamed, emotional and sensual with just the perfect amount of tension to keep the reader on edge, turning page after page fascinated by the unfolding storyline. The interaction between Alani and Nathaniel feels like a true power exchange, these two characters reveal the psychological as well as the physical aspects of their relationship for the reader to have a better understanding of the fulfillment each character receives from their relationship. The BDSM scenes are intense, erotic and powerful with sexual scenes that are smoking hot! The combination of romance and dominance is a heady temptation the reader won't be able to resist. Alani and Master Nathaniel are a perfectly matched; a heroine and hero who are irresistible and wild and ones that will steal the reader's heart.

Once you start reading In the Zone prepare to be captivated!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
August 22, 2012

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