In Search Of Amanda

Marilyn Grall
Historical romance
Available from New Concepts Publishing
May 2003
ISBN 1-891020-14-5

Amanda Labreaux was raised in the wealth, culture, and a part of Southern society. The second child of a wealthy plantation owner and his second wife a Cajun beauty who had dies giving birth to Amanda. From her mother she had inherited her mother's tanned skin tone which set off her blue eyes which she got from her father, making her a truly stunning beauty.

After the death of her father both her half brother and her had inherited the plantation and much to her brother Harold's envy Amanda was loved and admired by many of their friends. This seemed to not only anger her brother to the point where he had devised a plan to be rid of his sister forever.

Together with his partner in this venture the two men took Amanda and the slave girl Fancy into a secluded place where Harold and his friend brutally rapped the young girl Fancy and then murdered her in front of Amanda. They then proceed to dress Amanda in the dead girls tattered dress, drug her and sell her to the captain of a slave ship sailing to Jamaica. Realizing she's now treated as a slave Amanda tries to get anyone to listen to her story but it only falls on deaf ears and is thought to be lies.

Amanda is forced to resign to the life of Fancy the dead girls name and identity in order to stay alive. Once in Jamaica she is placed on the auction block and caught the eye of wealthy plantation owner Jackson Carlyle who purchases her and takes her back to his plantation to be a house slave to work in the kitchen and to serve his pleasures. The virginal Amanda soon becomes aware of what is expected of a young woman that the master takes as his mistress and vows she will escape this humiliation. She vows she will return back home to Louisiana and free all the slaves on the plantation and make her brother pay for what he has done to her.

Jackson soon realizes that this slave has become more than a simple way to satisfy his needs, he finds he has fallen in love with her, and slowly Amanda begins to realize she too has fallen in love with her master and knows that he will never marry her she's just his mistress and his property. When she learns she is pregnant she vows to escape, she could not bear to have her child be a slave an escapes the Carlyle plantation and heads back home.

She keeps her vow as she once again is at her home and decides to put all the past behind her. She sells the plantation and moves to California where she plans to forget all the past and Jackson Carlyle and start a new life.

Jackson Carlyle comes to America to find his slave only to realize that her story was true and she indeed is a free white woman.

I won't give away the ending but I know you'll love it as well as the story. It is a beautiful story of love, determination, pride, and a happy ending. If you believe in love stories and how two people can find each other's hearts no matter what read In Search Of Amanda it's well worth it.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual

Reviewer: Louise Riveiro - Mitchell
July 11, 2003

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