Cate Masters
Contemporary romance
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 9781613335062
April 2013

Here is my 1Night Stand Series review blurb. This is a Series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines and heroes in this series either have friends who send them to, or they hear about, Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service 1Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors.

This story begins with Nick Spencer driving down a highway to get the home which was booked for his 1Night Stand date later that day. He knows the town well since he grew up there and he's hoping Madame Evangeline was able to set up his date with Jennie Mayfair. She's really the woman he should have married. Jennie has been divorced now for maybe six months. Her husband was abusive, not physically but mentally. All she can think of sometimes is how it used to be when she dated Nick back in high school.

Since both of them are divorced and carry invisible scars, they are cautious with each other at first. Now, after getting over the initial awkwardness, they prove they still have great chemistry! They do actually speak to each other, this isn't just about hot, smexy time. They also manage to fall, jump... somehow get into a pool fully dressed. This leads us to even hotter smexy time only now it wetter! Yes, I was just smirking.

Alrighty then. I hope you all know these are short stories so I'm often afraid to say too much so I don't give anything away. All I do know is these two are really good together, even I'm sorry they didn't marry each other first so they could avoid the mistakes of their ex's. I have actually read two other stories by Ms. Masters. I've read A Hard Day's Night which is another 1Night Stand story and read Rock Bottom from another publisher but reviewed here at The Romance Studio. Both of Ms. Masters 1Night Stand stories are good, but maybe it's because they're shorter, they seemed to be missing something for me. It's not the series itself though. I love the 1Night Stand Series. I have one hundred and seven of this series. This is the twenty-third 1Night Stand story I have reviewed so obviously I have feelings for this series!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
June 27, 2013

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