The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play

Sean Michael
Available from Torquere Press
ISBN: 978-1-61040-365-8
August 2012

Matt and Adam from Sold, a novel in the Hammer series, have now moved out east. They have recently opened The Briar Rose, a BDSM bed and breakfast catering to the needs of certain couples. Being both Dom and a professional submissive respectively, they hope their unique establishment will offer something much needed in the BDSM community. Jackson and Burger are the first guests looking for rest and relaxation while working on their relationship. Jackson is a singer recovering from an serious vocal chord injury. Burger has been his manager and lover for years, but things have been shaky at best lately. Staying at the Briar Rose is the first step in not only healing Jackson's vocal chords, but their relationship as well.

I really wanted to read this one. It had all the elements to make this a engaging interesting read. The premise was more than intriguing. There was no way I wasn't reading it. Although I loved seeing Matt and Adam again, I could tell immediately Jackson and Burger's story would interest me. They were appealing on so many levels that I wish more of the story was devoted to them.

I hope the author will revisit them in a future story. A fair amount of the book was devoted to Matt and Adam, a little too much perhaps. Other than that, the story is one you would expect from Sean Michael. Lots of sex, wonderful characters and vivid detail to the BDSM aspects. Be forewarned, there are some "fisting" involved scenes that some may find objectionable. A little confusion with the Briar Rose name. Is it Briar Rose or Rose Briar? Anyway,it's a fairly good start to a promising series. I look forward to more.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
September 17, 2012

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