Sons of Zeus: Hades Rising

Alicia Sparks
Contemporary erotic romance
Available from Venus Press
ISBN: 1-59836-094-9
November 2005

Hades Rising, is the story of Annalise. Annalise has become obsessed with collecting antiques. Ever since she found an old charm necklace she has been having dreams that have her waking in search of certain antiques. Her latest purchase is a collection of ten ancient books. They are the journals of Anakah of Lethos and tell of her love for Hades of Canar. As Annalise reads she feels she is reliving a part of her life and that she should know these people in the books. These books will have her searching for answers.

Hades Rising, is a creative and original story. It splits its time setting between ancient times and present day. The setting comes to life through the descriptive writings of Alicia Sparks. The desert-like country where Anakah lives in her father's palace and the land of Canar is easy to visualize. The characters are fully developed. Anakah is a woman wanting to be married for love, not to seal a contract between her father and the man that would be her husband. Hades is a man that does not want to admit he loves for fear of becoming vulnerable. Annalise is a woman that will follow her dreams and trust them to bring her the answers. The plot to correct past mistakes and reunite lost love is creatively fulfilled through interesting methods. The romance is sad but passionate in the beginning. The sex scenes are passionate and exciting in details. As an erotic adventure I feel the readers will enjoy this Son of Zeus: Hades Rising.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Anita
March 11, 2006

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