Grace's Folly

Kathleen Lawless
Historical romance
Available from The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 9781612173788
September 2012

Grace paid a man to marry her so she could get her dowry. Her old-fashioned father would never understand her call to medicine so she made up a husband who was also a doctor. The ploy has worked until now. Her father will no longer fund her causes unless she returns home with the good doctor. Dexter Abbott is a Pinkerton agent hired to find the wayward Grace. Injured in an attempted train robbery, he can't believe his luck. The doctor caring for him is none other than the object of his search. When Grace proposes an outrageous plan, he quickly accepts the challenge. Dex will pose as Grace's husband and go back to meet her father. But neither he nor Grace had counted on a raging attraction and the beginnings of something more.

What an engaging and enjoyable read! The characters are smart, witty and easy to like. I do love a good Western; and this is a certainly one. Grace isn't your typical damsel in distress, nor is Dex the stereotypical hero type. I liked them both and was drawn in by their banter and sparring. The sexual attraction is intense and there's so much passion in Grace and Dex's encounters. The plot flows nicely and both Dex's and Grace's fathers add depth to the story. Although Grace and Dex had started this journey with lies and subterfuge, there's a strong sense of honest emotion between them. The author allows us to be a part of the revelations each character makes as they learn about their motivations and the impact the past has on them. Grace and Dex must face themselves before they face each other. It's the beautifully written dialogue, whether internal or external, that is so revealing. I think I enjoyed the 'talk' more than the 'action'. It's just that good. This is a fun and sexy story. Too few stories are really 'fun' anymore. Sometimes, I simply want to be entertained. Grace's Folly did that and more. I will heading over to Ms. Lawless' website to find more of her titles right away. Highly recommended.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Susan P.
November 14, 2012

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