A Gift For Santa

Deanna Wadsworth
Paranormal romance
Available from Decadent Pubishing
ISBN: 9781613334263
December 2012

We begin with our hero, Nick Claus, or Santa Claus... or well, all the other names known in various times for the man who travels the world in one night delivering gifts to children. Anyway, we begin our story with Nick volunteering on a street corner dressed as a stereotypical Santa ringing a bell for donations. Apparently, our boy does this to be close to his people or something. He's interrupted mid ho-ho-ho basically by someone he's known for what seems like forever, Jack Frost. Good ole Jack hates Christmas. I mean he really hates Christmas. So the two men have constantly been throwing barbs at each other about Nick's work. They also do this to cover up their attraction to each other.

Just so you all know, Nick is the grandson of two different Norse gods, Ms. Claus is his sister not his wife and Jack's brother is Father Time and sister is Mother Nature, so both men are chock full of ancient magic. It does, however, beg the question of who in the heck are Jack's parents? Sigh, I digress. Nick and Jack have their usually foray of sarcastic, verbal attacks, each wondering if he should just walk away. Nonetheless, they still manage to have very intense, hot smexy time together before they each accidentally break each other's heart. I completely enjoyed having our brief glimpse of Erik and Pip (from Pip's Boxing Day Wish, Book 2) and Frieda, his sister (from Ms. Claus's List, Book 1).

Ms. Wadsworth has given us a truly wonderful story! I loved how well she paints not only the North Pole, but how Nick's entire system works. There are definite parts where I just laughed at what was happening and other parts where I thought it is so heart wrenching to be Santa and have the magical ability to hear everyone's thoughts and wishes. Now, I have to say, the relationship between Jack and Nick has been problematic over the years since both are men who are afraid to communicate honestly with each other. I know this will shock you, but the story has a Happy Ending! I have several stories written by Ms. Wadsworth and they are all excellent and well worth the read!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
March 12, 2013

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