Gabrielle's Cauldron

Ann Gimpel
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781931761192
December 2012

This story begins with Gabrielle McCallaghan being asked by her boss where the work he requested was. Her boss also happens to be her uncle. He and her dad got together and decided she should work for him doing accounting when she really just hates numbers. Gabby also happens to be the only one in her family who is magical. She's a hybrid, and I don't mean a car. She isn't just sitting in the office alone, no sir ree Bob. She has a bond fairy perched on her shoulder, Amalia. Of course, unless you are of a magical persuasion, you don't actually see said fairy. To save her uncle the trouble of firing her she just walks. As she's trying to figure out what to do while she's walking home, Amalia becomes somewhat upset. There's a really hot man they both need to avoid. That man is a warg by the name of Warin. Being a shape-shifter, Warin is considered a full magic user as opposed to our girl Gabby as a hybrid.

Apparently there's been a war going for the last thousand years or so between the 'Coven' who are hybrids and the full magic people. Both groups tell their people to have nothing to do with the other group. And, as will any war, real or not, there are too many lies and too much torturing. Now Gabby is completely overwhelmed by everything Warin, the way he looks, smells, breathes…and Warin is not immune to her either. The three have to escape when so called enemies see them though it isn't clear who the enemies are. They make it to Warin's estate and begin to discuss what is really going on. In the meantime, there are some public orgasms for both Gabby and Amalia, I had no idea tiny fairies were so wild. My big question is this, even if there was no penetration with Amalia, is it considered a ménage?

Both Gabby and Warin think both sides need to end the war and the fairies totally agree with that. They are also a little busy having a lot of smexy time together between making their next plans. Ms. Gimpel has written a very engrossing novella. I couldn't put the story down! We have wargs, witches, griffons, hobgoblins and fairies. It has everything a paranormal, shape-shifting tale should have. I was very amused by Abby's accountant uncle, almost didn't know what to think of Amalia but I enjoyed the relationship between Warin and Abby while the two of them were making plans. It's almost like the quote from John Lennon about life happening. So, if you like paranormal stories then you will like this one. It is so worth the read!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
May 22, 2013

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