His Forbidden Submissive

Brandi Evans
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419939976
June 2012

She has fought it all and won. Cancer almost cost Vivian her life. Now that she has beaten it, Vivian is taking on her jerk of a husband and she knows just the man who can help her. Not only does Vivian want Brock's help, but also his love. The only thing standing between them seems to be Brock's feelings towards his undeserving brother who just happens to be her husband. Will the two be able to overcome everything and find their true happiness? Or will they forever be wondering what if?

While I enjoyed the storyline of this book, I didn't find myself really connecting with the characters. Brock is good man and Dom and Vivian is a strong woman. The two make a good couple and we can see just how deep the love that they have for each other runs. Yet I found Vivian to be a bit of a drama queen and continually overreacting to everything that happens to her. The first time or so when she overreacts, I understood. But when she continues to act the way she does it made this reader sigh and think "not again." Brock loves Vivian so much that he lets her continue to come and go in his life and make a big scene each time and throw his life into turmoil. I did enjoy seeing Brock bring Vivian into his world patiently and slowly, always ready to comfort or help yet he still continues to push her limits. As much as the soon-to-be ex-husband is made out to be such a monster, the confrontation between the three was a bit disappointing and anticlimactic. The quick moment lasted all but a few pages and was quickly forgotten. I did, however, enjoy the strength and love that Vivian and Brock share. Their bond is a strong one that is tested time and time again and only becomes stronger each time, showing us just how strong love can be. Not only do Vivian and Brock have a story to tell, but Anne and Stephen do as well. I really enjoyed meeting these two and hope that they get their own stories told.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Gabrielle
August 29, 2012

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