Finding Chrissten

N.J Walters
Paranormal romance
Available from Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60928-721-4
May 2012

Chrissten Lawton had just about given up on life until werewolves of the Haven pack rescue her from a crazy doctor determined to study her kind and a werewolf lackey who mated her against her will.

The moment Hank Brewer inhaled the inimitable scent of Chrissten, he realised she was special to him. When his pack finally finds her, he does everything he can to help her overcome her trauma-fed trepidation by sticking closely by her side and offering her a shoulder if she needs one to cry on.

Finding Chrissten is a highly-emotion charged book with a plot that's adventurous, suspense-filled and combined with my personal favourite -- romance. The dialogue was well-written and immensely illustrated how tough Chrissten's life had been from the moment she was captured. There were a lot of poignant moments for the heroine, but nothing too heart-rending to make me need to put the book down for a second. As from the words the author wrote, I could see that the heroine was a fighter. That she would get her life back on track and hopefully overcome the horrors of her captivity, especially with Hank at her side supporting her. The sex scenes were perfect and showed how much trust Chrissten had for Hank by allowing intimacy between them after everything she'd been through. What I liked so much about Chrissten was that she was a fighter, determined to see that her life wasn't over. While with Hank, I liked the strength he offered Chrissten to help her move forward and not let her give up hope that everything would be all right.

In conclusion, the Legacy series by this author is one of the most exciting paranormal series out at the moment for me as a reader. Each book starting with the first one -- Alexandra's Legacy -- just keeps getting better and better, yet in saying that I've loved each one of them and couldn't choose between them which one was my favourite if asked. Now on a final note, I would recommend this series to all, yet especially to romance readers that have a liking for the paranormal genre or are expanding their reading to incorporate this genre.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Bec
November 12, 2012

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