Finding Beta

Sunny Day
Paranormal romance
Available from Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 978-1-62241-638-7
October 2012

Antonio de Luca really didn't have much of a choice when deciding to leave his birth pack. A bad situation is getting worse and the only option for him is to pack up and move on. He's offered a beta position with a new pack. This seems ideal especially when he finds his mate. Unfortunately, his mate, Murray Thomas, is skittish in starting the mating process. Having intimate relations with men has not been on his agenda. Cementing the mating bond though is the least of their problems when danger comes calling.

This is the second installment of Silver Moon Wolves series. I readily admit to not reading the first one but the author's blurb enticed me into reading this one. It wasn't bad, it held my interest throughout the entire story. Antonio and Murray proved to be a pair of intriguing protagonists. The major conflict of the plot was the selling point here and the author made it believable yet entertaining. I thought both men in their own way handled what could have been a deal breaker really well. The build up to the climax was nicely done with some tense moments in between. The supporting characters added more drama to the mix.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
January 12, 2005

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