Jacobs, Kingston and Windsor
Erotica anthology
Available from Ellora's Cave
March 2003
ISBN: 1-84360-444-2

Walpurgis Night by Katherine Kingston

Fianna chooses Henrik to be her companion on the night of the celebrations in her village. Henrik, was the son of the leader of the Norseman who had settled near the village where Fianna lived. Henrik warned Fianna before agreeing to join her that he likes to be the master in his relationships with woman… if she agrees to this he will show her the way to greater pleasure than she has ever known.

Night of Fire by Vonna Harper

Maia was chosen by the Lady of her village to go forward in time to convince Taurus to come back to her time, to enable the villagers to celebrate Beltane. The priests had refused to let them have their yearly celebration and they needed the strength of the bull to enable their ceremony to go ahead. Taurus is actually Taron Stanten a multi-millionaire on holiday in Scotland, who is persuaded by his friend to attend the celebrations of Beltane in Edinburgh.

Handle With Care by Annie Windsor

Tia Belmont is the scientific director of SEARCH, the agency who scours the skys to find a viable planet with enough male population to help with the problem of very little fertile males left on earth. As Tia entered the coordinates for the 69th try that night, something strange happened; she found herself naked on a stone table coated with moss, with a very tall, very aroused naked man watching her from between two columns spouting flames. This was Brok the First Priest of the people of Kaerad.

I really enjoy the three stories in this anthology; in particular the way the three authors linked the stories together by using the ceremonial dagger in their individual stories, but making them all completely different. It was very well done and gave the stories a continuity that is sometimes lacking in anthologies. The humour of the authors showed through in their rendering of the main characters, the way Taron and Maia, coming from different times interacted together, with words meaning different things to each of them, was quite funny at times. Also, I really liked Ms Windsor’s way of writing, in particular the scene when Tia’s colleagues first saw Brok. This was especially light hearted, when you realise that they had not seen a ‘real’ man for years! I look forward to reading more from each of these three authors, I am sure you will too once you read this book.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Simone Grant
May 30, 2003

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