Dragon Moon

Nulli Para Ora
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781931761109
December 2012

The story begins with Angelique and her colleague David on an international flight to China. They are going to present a business deal to a company there. Besides being a workaholic, Angelique has always been attracted to David but didn't want to ruin their working relationship. Yuen Gao is the CEO of the company, and quite frankly, he doesn't trust Americans very much. Angelique is completely ready for the presentation, she even learned to speak Mandarin perfectly. The only problem is Gao just sitting there, no response at all. Huh. It turns out, our Gao is the alpha of the wolf pack and he just sits there almost in shock because Angelique is his mate. I don't want to give too much story detail because there is some suspense to this story.

Before I go much further, Cheng is Gao's father and Jin is his brother. At some point, a mysterious man on a phone tells whomever he is speaking with, to release a rogue wolf. Yes, in my mind I heard the voice saying 'Release the Kraken!' but that's a different story. The rogue wolf that was released attacked Angelique as she walked ahead of the group (David, Gao, Cheng and Jin). Gao ordered medical assistance for the two humans and stayed at Angelique's side through her recovery. David, however, was taken to a secure room where he turned and was constantly sedated in case he went rogue. Angelique thought David died and Gao and his family did not deny it and did everything they could to help her with her grief.

Ms. Ora describes, through Gao, what finding your mate means to a werewolf. It was so romantic and poetic. I don't think I have ever read anything that beautiful (regarding werewolf mates) before. I have to say while I really liked the whole 'getting to know you' bits between Gao and Angelique (especially when he had to meet her parents) I was getting more and more anxious about David. Parts of this story were difficult for me to read, mostly because of the situation with David, but I have to say Ms. Ora has written an intense and gripping story. The plot twists were surprising and really kept me on edge. I still haven't figured out what Yuen means, maybe in book two I'll find out!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
February 25, 2013

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