A Very Demon Christmas

Evanne Lorraine
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-61118-679-6
December 2011

Private nurse Holly finally embraces her inner desire to submit to a masterful Dom and takes her friend Tam up on her invitation to La Ceinture Noire's annual charity slave auction. However, as soon as she steps foot in the club, a mysterious Dom claims her and engages her a scene she'll never forget. It was all perfect until he left her standing alone. Although she never saw his face, she's convinced she knows his voice, and when she walks into her apartment building that night and sees her sexy standoffish neighbor bleeding and in need of help, she suddenly know whose voice it was. Demon hunter Colin has wanted his neighbor with a vengeance, but he also wasn't willing to bring her into his dangerous and violent life. When it turns out Holly has a few secrets of her own, Colin may not have a choice. Now he just needs to find a way to keep her safe and himself sane.

Oh my goodness, I loved this book. Not only is it a totally hot BDSM story with an incredible Shibari scene, but it also has an amazing story. This really is the total package. The story is in depth with great twists and turns that kept me reading. I truly couldn't stop until I was done with it. Holly is one of those great BDSM characters that revels in her submission, but also knows she's a strong woman and is more than willing to speak her mind. While Colin the half demon is not only a strong master, but a tender lover too. I was thrilled to see that this book is Demon Hunters book one, because the world that Ms. Lorraine creates is incredibly intriguing and she has a true gift for writing that perfect mix of steamy hot sex and an incredible story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Amy Hopkins
August 29, 2012

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