Deadly Encounter: Deadly Triad Series Book 3

Nancy Kay
Romantic suspense
Available from Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-211-1
September 2012

Elaine "Laine" Delacor's best friend, Cassi, leads them both across the state to Pine Bluffs in western Pennsylvania. When Cassi's business burns down back home, Laine looks for work in Erie, an hour from Cassi's new home. Cassi's husband, Nick, and TJ McGraw are cousins so Laine knows TJ well. When her life falls apart, she is grateful that TJ is the state trooper on hand to catch her. TJ pegged Laine as trouble at first sight but when faced with the lady when her life is in danger, he finds there is a lot more to Lanie than he thought.

"Deadly Encounter" is Book 3 in the Deadly Triad series. As in the other books in this series, Nancy Kay has crafted a delicious mystery along with a great romance. Laine is fun and quirky. She has reasons why she believes she can't get serious with TJ. TJ can't decide if this is for real. Laine doesn't quite fit into his life but he can't keep his mind off of her. I enjoyed watching them both try to figure out what is going on and where it's headed.

The secondary characters, Cassi and her aunt, Ada, and TJ's whole McGraw clan all add to the cohesive feeling of love and support that link all three stories in the series. It's a tight group that Laine doesn't fell she can fit into. TJ is going to have some work ahead of him. The mystery that begins in book 1 winds all the way to book 3. Okay, there is a bit of coincidence that ties the danger throughout the books but I really think it works in this series. It didn't diminish my enjoyment of the three stories at all. I think you'll enjoy "Deadly Reflection," "Deadly Revenge," and "Deadly Encounter." I suggest you read them in order and get to know and love the McGraws.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Kathy F.
October 3, 2012

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