Covert Desires

Sondra Bennett
Paranormal romance
Available from Lyrical Press
ISBN: 9781616504281
December 2012

Amber was recovering from a traumatic mission for the FBI and her boss sent her to look for any signs of a subversive organization in the area. Danny and his wolf shifter pack were afraid she was looking for them and needed to find out what she knew. They both had to keep their secrets despite their mutual attraction. Danny believes she is his mate. Still, he knows she's human and he can't let her know who and what he is and it's driving him closer to his wolf begging for release.

Covert Desires is book five in the Alpine Wolf Shifters series. Because the first part of the book is catching up with what's happened in the earlier books, it starts very slowly and awkwardly. The past revelations could have been spread out and handled better. The premise of book five is shaky to say the least. If you're a shifter and don't want the visiting covert government agent to get too close to your secrets, getting involved in an affair with the agent is not exactly being discreet. Danny's sister is very antagonistic towards Amber which also draws the agent's attention to Danny's family. Having to constantly lie doesn't help when Amber has been trained to spot lies and a wolf can easily tell as well.

The writing was a little stilted in sections and there were some technical errors. There was only one plot line which made the story a bit one dimensional. The plus was not having a cliff hanger ending which happens often in this kind of series. Unless you have been reading the whole series and have an investment in the characters, I'd give it a pass.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Kathy F.
December 18, 2012

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