Maya Banks and Lauren Dane
Contemporary romance
Available from Berkley Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-425-24753-2
August 2012

Gifted authors, Maya Banks and Lauren Dane are known for their romantically erotic stories filled with plenty of drama, emotion, touches of humor as well as smoking hot and explicit sex scenes that readers have come to adore. In Cherished both authors wonderfully capture the heart of the reader with their sensual, exciting and sexy romantic plots that captivate as well as entertain.

Exiled by author Maya Banks

On an island paradise an exiled prince, his three bodyguards and a virginal beauty experience a forbidden world of sexual delights, where their every whim or desire is fulfilled but all too soon reality comes crashing down leaving the lovely Talia heartbroken.

Exiled is a sinfully delicious story where passion and promise, fear and deception fill the pages keeping the reader on edge and oblivious to the world around them as they enjoy another story created by this not to be missed author, Maya Banks. This story is brimming with dark and dangerous heroes who have met their match in the gentle, caring and determined heroine who captures their hearts. The steamy sexual scenes are full of erotic pleasure, desire and emotion that add to the pleasure of the story perfectly. The ending is purely romance lover’s fantasy come true.

Sway by author Lauren Dane

When the very respectable and influential attorney Levi Warner meets the free-spirited and young Daisy Huerta, he is blown away by her outgoing personality and her beauty. In Daisy, Levi finds her candid personality and desires bring something out in him that he was never imagined. What starts out as an affair soon turns into something deeper but is Levi willing to harm all that he has worked for on a relationship with the unconventional Daisy?

In Sway the very remarkable author Lauren Dane creates a story that is filled with erotic tension, passion and romance that draws the readers irresistibly into Levi and Daisy’s relationship. By using humor and appeal, sensuality and touches of wickedness the rocky-road that Levi and Daisy must travel creates interesting and super-hot scenes that are entertaining and portrayed realistically. The reader will especially enjoy Daisy’s uninhibited personality that is bright, ¬†cheerful and refreshing which seems to act like a magnet that draws people in and makes them want to know her. With Daisy, Levi has finally found a woman that will understand, challenge and love him for who he is. The secondary characters in Levi and Daisy’s friends and family are clearly defined and superbly enhance the story as well as the main characters by creating plenty of action and controversy.

Cherished is a not to be missed book from two of the hottest authors out there today, don’t miss it or you’ll be sorry!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
July 20, 2012

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