Internet Bonds #3: Charlotte Mastered

Christy Poff
Available from Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 1-59374-384-X
May 2005

Christy Poff has crafted a subtle, well-written, and arousing BSDM romantic fairytale. I know that “BSDM” and “fairytale” do not always go together, but in this story they do. The story has all of the things that come in a fairytale. There is a hero any woman would enjoy (at least for a while), a heroine all of us would enjoy switching places with (at least for a few hours) and even a villain all can universally hate plus the BSDM aspects that are so fascinating to some.

Charlotte James is a successful DC businesswoman who looking for someone to control her personal life, especially the intimate, sexual side of her life. Simon Anderson is an independently wealthy DC businessman looking for a submissive, maybe even a wife if all works out. Their first meetings are on the internet as they introduce, explore and even share medical information. By the end of the first face to face evening together, they are so passionately in love they cannot tolerate separation; this is real love at first sight for both. Simon guides Charlotte through some really intense sexual encounters, so be warned or be prepared; whichever is your choice. Of course, she starts out calling him “Master”. This comes as no surprise to any whom reads even a little BSDM. But do not forget the “exchange of power” issue. He also calls her “mistress” on occasion. Regardless of what he calls her, he is always in control of their passionate play. The first morning, Simon proposes to Charlotte. That is also when The only real conflict is the villain who is truly evil. Death stalks our lovers. Knowing this is a fairy tale is all that I can tell you that will reassure you that the villain does not win. Or does he?

Charlotte will do anything for Simon; anything he asks her to do and anything to make him happy or to serve him. Simon will do anything to keep Charlotte with him. Never in his live has anyone made him feel more complete or happy. Only life with her is worth living. Obsession is not too small of a word to describe how either of them feels.

If you enjoy BSDM and romances, you will absolutely love Christy Poff’s Internet Bonds Series Book 3: Charlotte Mastered.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Yvonne Murray
September 30, 2005

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