Soul Debt: The Boon Collector

Sara Jay
Paranormal romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 06271-02015
March 2013

Tisha finds herself in a bind when Bane, a gorgeous demon, suddenly appears in her life. She will have to follow his orders if she wants to go home. But will she discover that she will have nothing if she does not have Bane by her side? Will she be brave enough to fight for what she wants? Or will she continue to be the timid mouse she has always been?

I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with a lot of hot sexual encounters between the two main characters. I liked Tisha even though she was extremely timid and shy in the beginning of the story. She was like a doormat. But once she met Bane, that seemed to be a thing of the past. He brought her back to life because she quickly became more assertive and confident. It's like she became a whole new person. I liked the sexy, purple-hued Bane too. He was very dominant and just what Tisha needed after having been dumped by her loser of an ex-boyfriend. The love scenes between Bane and Tisha are melting hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Janie Esparza
May 22, 2013

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