Blue Moon Magic

Dawn Thompson, Erin Hatton, Diane Davis White, Katherine Smith, Meagan Hatfield, Aysel Arwen, M. J. Sager, Jaquelin Lorin, Lee Roland, Kristi Ahlers, Billie Waren Chai, Kimberly Ivey, Leanne Burroughs, Keelia Greer, and DeborahAnne MacGillivray
Romance Anthology
Available from Highland Press
ISBN: 0-9746249-4-2
June 2007

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball by Dawn Thompson
An enchanting ballroom as two soul mates find love in the hands of two very determined faeries. Sometimes falling in love during a blue moon can be quite spectacular.

This tale is delightful and sweet, a charming romance for all the years.

Where the Sea Meets Skye by Erin Hatton
Celine Terreau is a marine biologist on vacation on the Isle of Skye trying to forget the backstabbing betrayal of an old boyfriend. After meeting Ronan Morrison, who has such a charming smile, she never knew such new opportunities would only be a breath away.

This story is unique and most enjoyable.

Angels In the Moonlight by Diane Davis White
Sadie, a Shady Angel intends on helping musician Nathan, who has issues, and singer Olivia, learn what it is like blending great music together. Of course her mentor Pricilla insists on assisting.

This refreshing tale makes great melodious sounds.

Under the Pale Moonlight by Katherine Smith
Ever since Alicia McCray was a young girl she loved Arthur Cameron but his limp, and use of a crutch, always had a way of reaching out to anyone. She must find a way to show him his handicap can never stop her love for him.

This read will pleasure the heart in more ways than one and I have never read a story by Ms. Smith that didn't touch upon my heart in some way.

Ember's Desire by Meagan Hatfield
Ember Galenorn's will do anything to leave Wychwood. No matter what spell she concocts, it always brings her something else. Even the last one delivered a naked man. With a blue moon, she is certain another wish will grant what her heart desires.

Ms. Hatfield always pens tales that captivate. I love the characters she sketches and the chemistry she delivers.

Spellbound by Aysel Arwen
After the death of her parents, Emma MacPherson is beside herself as she searches for her mother's lost ring. During her hunt Alex Grant arrives to help assist her but she had no idea that he would give her the best gift in life.

I could read this beautiful tale again and it would still captivate.

Enchantment By the Sea by M. J. Sager
After being burnt to many times, Clara Barnes knows not to mix business and pleasure. She refuses to give into her desires but Grayson Everett, and a blue moon, tells her otherwise.

Anyone will become completely charmed with this enchanting read.

Suddenly You by Jaquelin Lorin
Celine Chauvin, art restorer is curious to who the handsome man is in the portrait she is restoring. Curiosity soon carries her 130 years in the past as she meets mysterious Mr. Gorgeous himself.

This is a delicious time-travel read sure to put a smile on any reader.

Blue Moon and the Warrior by Lee Roland
Trying to get over a two-year relationship, Allison heads to the desert of Utah alone but a passionate dream delivers her much more than she thought possible. Can this be real or just a fantasy?

Get ready for romance, passion and magic that captures the heart completely.

Midsummer Magic by Kristi Ahlers
Meredith doesn't wish to marry to whom she is betrothed. Casting a wish to the blue moon, she desires a true love. Kieran Fraser discovers the beauty who has stolen his heart while out stealing horses, so the Scot decides to abduct her and make her his wife.

This lovely tale makes the heart swim with happiness.

Secret of the Blue Moon by Billie Waren Chai
Zoey Blackstone left Jake Runningbear with no explanation. Now after all these years she has returned as an ER doctor. Jake never knew why she left and didn't fight for him and he intends on finding why. With the blue moon he will finally learn the truth while finding long lost love once more.

This non-stop read is quite engaging.

Darkness and the Dreams by Kimberly Ivey
Ever since Paloma Delatorre lost her fiancÚ two years ago, she has been unable to write. While working as a volunteer at the hospital she has the feeling David Hopkins, her comatose patient, from a freak boating accident could actually understand. When she learns the truth she is surprised.

I have to say this marvelous read is more than charming.

The Healer by Leanne Burroughs
Old Agnes doesn't wish to feel anything again after being carried to the castle Drummond by an auld warrior by the name of Warwick . He can only hope that one wish under the blue moon will melt some of her cold heart to love again.

This read makes the heart jump for joy and the hand reach for many tissues. One outstanding read that is awesome.

In the Space of a Heartbeat by Keelia Greer
In the year 5046 Melania Knight must protect Trevor Kerrin, a wealthy scientist. As much as she tries to keep things on a business level, Trevor is determined to find his soulmate, the lovely, Melania.

This tale, with some delicious vampires, keeps the read wonderfully tantalizing.

Rider in the Storm by DeborahAnne MacGillivray
When her dear fiancÚ died, Ciara MacIain stopped living. Seven years later she travels the same road that took her fiancÚ's life only to see another car off the road. Roarke Fraser Devlin wasn't her fiancÚ but there is something about him that ignites her soul. One wish to the blood moon had given her hope but was it enough to grab hold of her heart?

Ms. MacGillivray always weaves stories that capture the reader's heart. This read is splendid and very heartwarming.

Blue Moon Magic is an assortment of spellbinding stories that grab hold of the reader. Thoroughly entertaining one cannot go wrong with any of these fantastic tales. With fifteen interesting tales that bring smiles, laughter, tears and complete joy, these talented authors have gone all out to tantalize their audience. Magical, sweet, passionate and romantic, this book is classy and elegant and shouldn't be missed.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Linda L.
January 14, 2008

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