Bittersweet Blood

Nina Croft
Paranormal romance
Available from Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62266-959-2
February 2013

All Tara Collins ever wanted was to be normal. But when her aunt dies, she learns that everything she believed about her life is a lie. So she decides to hire a private investigator to find the truth -- whatever that may be.

Christian Roth isn't your average private investigator. No, there's more to him -- he's a vampire. When Tara comes to him for aid about learning all about her life, he can't help but want to offer his assistance especially when she's the first female to tempt him in quite some time. But Tara isn't the only person whom needs his help. The Order -- a group he left a long time ago -- wants him back.

The plot of this story was very adventurous and started off quite interestingly with Tara and Christian meeting in a dark alley, but neither of them revealing who they were. It was good that a bit of mystery was between them until they met again. The dialogue was good and easy to follow, and it made me feel sorry for Tara because her life was being turned upside down. The sex scenes were full of passion, and showed how badly Christian wanted Tara in his life not just in those moments but forever. What I liked so much about the heroine was that she faced things head on, never backing down and allowing others to fight her battles. While with Christian, I liked how protective he was of Tara, even though part of her was something he'd despised for years.

Overall, Ms Croft has done a wonderful job of penning this tale that included a strong heroine, a yummy hero and some very intriguing secondary characters that I hope eventually get stories of their own.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
June 25, 2013

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