Kaitlyn O'Connor
Futuristic romance
Available from New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-332-5
November 2003

Victoria Anderson's current project takes her and her "special" crew to the planet KAY2581 (Kay). Their job is to assist the crews already there in continuing their underwater mining efforts. This crew is "special" as most of its members have been genetically altered to breathe under water thus allowing them to be more capable of underwater mining than normal humans. Enroute to Kay this crew is "born" and grown to maturity. Once the crew sets down on Kay, it becomes apparent that there is something terribly wrong. The station is empty, the communication's tower is broken, and Victoria knows that something horrible happened to the previous occupants. The original crew had blocked all the entrances and apparently barricaded themselves in, but there is no sign of struggle, and there is nothing left of the crew. Victoria knows her company will not let them cease the mining operation, and members of her crew start disappearing without a trace. With the help of Raphael, a genetic Hybrid, she begins unravel the mystery that surrounds Kay. It could cost them their lives, but it could also bring Raphael and Victoria closer. Everything depends on what is happening below.

Ms. O'Connor weaves a marvelous futuristic and thrilling book. This novel captures your attention from the first page as each character imbeds themselves into your psyche. Raphael is a genetic experiment that understands that most of the "pure" humans rank him somewhere below themselves, yet above fish. While he does understand this, he does not accept it. Raphael is a strong, beautiful and supremely complex man and a perfect counterpart to Victoria's rule-abiding, open minded self. Together the main characters make the story come alive. The threats, the insecurities, the mystery that surrounds Kay and its blood-colored water is enthralling and well worth the journey.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Sara Sawyer
November 21, 2003

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