The Baby New Year

Rob Rosen
Contemporary romance
Available from Torquere Press
January 2013

All Clark wants to do is enjoy New Year's Eve from the comfort of his apartment. Unfortunately, the wailing coming from next door is preventing him from doing that. When he walks over to confront his neighbor, he finds himself staring at the half naked Lewis, who is babysitting his nephew, Damien. His New Year's plans get decidedly more interesting than his original plans from that moment.

Having his evening interrupted by a screaming infant turns out to be fortuitous for Clark as soon as he lays eyes on Lewis. There is an instant attraction between the two men that scorches the pages. And since Clark seems to have a magic touch when it comes to getting Damien to calm down, it doesn't take long for the men to act on their attraction. The heat sizzling between them will have readers reaching for a fan and a glass of ice water to cool down.

This is a short, quick read that is perfect for anyone looking for something with a super-hot encounter between two virtual strangers. There are also a few touches of comedic play on the characters' names to lighten up the heat and make this a fun, enjoyable read.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Karin
June 10, 2013

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