Awakened from Ice

Marisa Chenery
Paranormal romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419941221
September 2012

On her annual adventure to a Mantanuska Glacier recreation site in Alaska, Cassidy finds something extraordinary in one of the caves there -- six men dressed for an era long past and appear to her as if they're dead. However, the closer she gets to them she finds they're very much alive and need her help to survive in the new world.

The moment Edensaw awakens from his long slumber to find Cassidy standing close by, he knows she's his mate. As a werewolf sentinel, he's meant to protect all from evil and that's what he'll do, no matter the cost.

The plot of this book was very interesting and I enjoyed how it started with Cassidy finding the six men in a cave. The suspense was thrilling as the bad guy didn't reveal himself until halfway through the book and then an ever bigger threat to the sentinels was revealed right at the end which should make future books intriguing as you don't know anything about this bigger threat or what his motives are. The dialogue was funny at times as Edensaw and the others had to adjust to the era and very serious at others because they had to protect their secret from outsiders. The sex scenes were hot because in Ms. Chenery's werewolf stories, the heroes have plenty of stamina. What I liked so much about the heroine was her kind nature and how she helped the men adjust to the different time period in which they'd awakened in. While with Edensaw, I liked that he was willing to give Cassidy time to come to terms with the fact that she was a mate to a werewolf.

Overall, this book was a great start to a new series and I can't wait to read what's in store for the other men that are part of Edensaw's small pack.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
December 29, 2012

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