Amber Inferno

Jeanne Barack
Fantasy erotic romance
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 1596321148
June 2005

Rayne knows what she wants out of life and that's Prince Pentar, of course he won't give her the time of day, so she has to find a way to make him notice her. Every since the death of her brother she has tried to take his place in her fathers heart, feed up, she decides to take her life into her own hands. Saving her world is the perfect way to get the adventure she craves and when she is teamed up with Prince Pentar, she has found the one way to get him to notice her.

Prince Pentar wants Rayne, but won't let her know it. After constantly trying to reveal who his real mate is, Pentar has become increasingly frustrated. Now he has to go on a mission with the one woman he wants more than life. Rayne is not going to make it easy on him and now on top of everything else they have an unknown evil trying to kill them and their planet save. Can Pentar resist his feelings for Rayne or will he wind up giving in to his desires?

Amber Inferno is a wonderful book that pulls readers in to this magical world and holds them captive until the very end. Rayne is strong willed and determined to have the life she wants and goes after it. Pentar must admit to his feelings for Rayne and come to the realization that she is his mate. The chemistry is explosive and the love scenes are incredibly hot. Readers may want to read the prequel to this book Silver Fire, but it is not necessary.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Angel Brewer
July 18, 2005

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