Alyssa's Wolves

Becca Jameson
Paranormal romance
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-93176-154-3
April 2013

Michael Masters knew that Alyssa was his destined mate but understanding she needed time to mature, enjoy and experience life, he fled to Spain putting distance between them so he wouldn't be tempted to claim her. That is until fate steps in and messes with his mate.

Tyler Evans was sent by Alyssa's old pack to check and make sure she was indeed mated to one of the Masters men but fate has a way of changing and challenging life for it seems that Alyssa is his mate. Now he is torn between claiming her, his pack as well as how Michael Masters fits into Alyssa's life.

Tyler and Michael might not be friends, but fate has chosen them both as Alyssa's mate and they are going to have to work together to keep her safe while they claim her as their own.

In Alyssa's Wolves author Becca Jameson's wildly creative pen gives readers a sexually heated, fast-paced read that is teeming with two sharp and sexy heroes and a bold and sassy heroine all set around a lushly sensual romantic tale with touches of suspenseful danger to keep the reader fully engaged and on the edge. Any fan of Ms. Jameson knows with her delightfully wicked sense of humor and her rich, seductive pull-at-the-heartstring romances she creates stories that they can literally fall into and get lost within the pages and this book is no exception. Once Alyssa, Michael and Tyler's story gets its claws into the reader is just doesn't let go!

The mate bond between Alyssa and her men is simply irresistible, filled with emotions the chemistry, sexual tension and heat are utterly sizzling hot, charming and entertaining. Reader's will enjoy Alyssa become the bold beauty who challenges Michael and Tyler so they can make a life together between the three of them. It is quite fun to watch Michael and Tyler build on their bond to Alyssa while learning to respect and trust in each other after all these two were literally strangers. Readers will enjoy catching up with the Masters family as they surround Michael, Alyssa and Tyler with their support, help and friendship.

Just when you think that author Becca Jameson won't possibly be able to top her last first-rate romance she proves you wrong, must to the reader delight of her fans!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
May 21, 2013

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